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Species of Local Interest (SoLI) Project

The final version of the Species of Local Interest Report and Database is available for review and comment. This report is the result of a major effort by TBWC members to catalog and rank the native and non-native species of conservation or management concern for the Tomales Bay Watershed. Our hope is that this effort will serve to guide and focus future management of our natural resources.

The full report is available here. If you have comments on the report, or wish to review the database itself, please email the TBWC

Chicken Ranch Beach Restoration Project

The FINAL version of the Restoration Feasibility and Conceptual Design Report for Third Valley Creek and Chicken Ranch Beach is available for download.

The full report (~20MB) is available here.

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The Bulletin, Fall 2011 TBWC Newsletter (PDF)

The Bulletin, Fall 2008 TBWC Newsletter (PDF)

The Bulletin, Winter 2007 TBWC Newsletter (PDF)

The Bulletin, Winter 2006 TBWC Newsletter (PDF)

The Bulletin, Winter 2004 TBWC Newsletter (PDF)

The Bulletin, Winter 2003 TBWC Newsletter (PDF)

The Bulletin, Winter 2002 TBWC Newsletter (PDF)

TBWC Water Quality Publications & Reports

2011-2012 Final Water Quality Technical Report

     2011-12 Final Water Quality Technical Report (2007-2012 with appendices

     2011-12 Final Water Quality Technical Report (’07-’12) Main report only

     Appendix A-Giacomini WQ Technical Memorandum-Year Four WY12

     Appendix F – Source Area Program Monitoring WY07-WY12

2010-2011 Annual WQ Report

     2010-11 Annual Water Quality Report Executive Summary

     2010-11 Annual Water Quality Report (Final Report, without appendices)

     Appendix A-Giacomini WQ Technical Memorandum-Year Three WY11

     2010-11 Annual Water Quality Report Appendices B-E

2009-2010 Annual WQ Report

     2009-10 Annual Water Quality Report

     Appendix A-Giacomini WQ Technical Memorandum-Year Two WY10

     Appendix Appendices B,C & D – Sampling Sites, WY08 & WY09 Result Tables and Legacy Data Project

2008-09 Annual Water Quality Report

Other Water Quality Program Documents

Tomales Bay Wetland Restoration and Monitoring Program see Monitoring Plan and Quality-Assurance Project Plan (QAPP).

Stormwater Management Assessment (Appendix M of ICWMP) see documents, “Rural Stormwater Subshed Water Quality Monitoring Plan”; review of Stormwater Sampling, and Data and Maps for Sampling Locations at Point Reyes Station, Woodacre, and Tomales.

Tomales Bay Water Quality Monitoring Plan 2003, (PDF, 273.1 KB)

Other Watershed Council Documents

2004 Tomales Bay Watershed Stewardship Plan, A Framework for Action, (PDF, 2.7 MB)

Executive Summary, Tomales Bay Watershed Stewardship Plan, (6-page PDF, 188 KB)

Tomales Bay Watershed Council Operating Procedures

Download 10-page document (updated April 2008)

Integrated Coastal Watershed Management Plan (ICWMP) September 2007: The following links to chapters within the latest version of the ICWMP, submitted by the Tomales Bay Watershed Council for Prop 50 in the Step 2, Round 1 application. Appendices are available upon request.

Title Page

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 / Introduction

Chapter 2: / Regional Description (15.9 MB)

Chapter 3: ICWMP Plan Objectives

Chapter 4: Water Management Strategies & Integration

Chapter 5: Regional Priorities

Chapter 6: Implementation

Chapter 7: Impacts and Benefits

Chapter 8: Technical Analysis and Plan Performance

Chapter 9: Data Management

Chapter 10: Financing

Chapter 11: Statewide Priorities

Chapter 12: Relation to Local Planning

Chapter 13: Stakeholder Involvement

Chapter 14: Agency Coordination

Chapter 15: References

Point-Count Surveys of Bird Use in Olema Marsh Spring and Autumn 2004 (PDF document; 11 pages, 228 KB)

Published January 21, 2005, by Richard W. Stallcup and John P. Kelly.

Compilation of Information on Coho Salmon and Steelhead Trout

Collected Between 1994-2003 in the Tomales Bay Watershed with Recommendations for Future Actions & A List of Partners and Selection Criteria for Future Salmonid Restoration Projects February 2004, Tomales Bay Watershed Council. (Download individual PDF documents below.)

Download Main Report, 47 pages, 1.2 MB

Download Appendix A Matrix, 92 KB

Download Appendix B 54 KB

Download Appendix C, Part 1, 68 KB

Download Appendix C, Part 2, 40 KB

Download Appendix C, Part 3, 72 KB

Download Appendix C, Part 4, 44 KB

Download Appendix C, Part 5, 56 KB

Download Appendix C, Part 6, 48 KB

Download Appendix C, Part 7, 40 KB

Coho Salmon Planting and Monitoring Project Walker Creek Watershed, Marin County, October, 2004 – DFG Report

Download Main Report, PDF, 1.4 MB

Bird Species Occurrence Report, PDF, 1.1 MB

Marin Resource Conservation District, Web site for MRCD Reports, Studies and Publications

Tomales Land Margin Ecosystems Research and Publications (Web site)