Tomales Bay Integrated Coastal Watershed Management Plan

Water resource issues ranging from water supply reliability and water quality to storm water management and ecosystem enhancement have been at the forefront for agencies, organizations, residents and agricultural producers in the Tomales Bay region for over three decades. The Tomales Bay region’s water resources provide  water supplies and support extraordinary and diverse ecosystems.

In June 2007, the Tomales Bay Integrated Coastal Watershed Management Plan (ICWMP) was completed. The ICWMP is a cooperative effort by the Tomales Bay Watershed Council (which includes federal, state and local agencies, and local stakeholders), Bolinas Community Public Utilities District, Inverness Public Utility District, Marin Municipal Water District, and North  Marin Water District to identify management strategies and regional projects that meet multiple objectives for the Tomales Bay region.

On an individual basis, each of these entities has investigated and evaluated various water resource and management issues and options for the overall health and  well being of the watershed, and the water and environmental resources within their jurisdictions. The history of  collaboration within the region demonstrates the collective and individual capacity of local, state and federal agencies and private organizations to address regional water resource and watershed issues. It also provides the foundation that will support future actions to protect and enhance water supplies water quality, critical coastal areas, and important ecosystems of the Tomales Bay watershed region.

The planning area includes the Marin County critical coastal areas (CCAs), which include Tomales Bay, Lagunitas Creek, Walker Creek, and four ASBS (Areas of Special Biological Significance) areas. For the complete report, which includes a prioritized list of project for the Tomales Bay watershed region, click here.

Wave on Tomales Bay                                                                                                                                                                                                                             © Carlos Porrata

Integrated Coastal Watershed Management Plan (ICWMP) September 2007: The following links to chapters within the ICWMP, submitted by the Tomales Bay Watershed Council for Prop 50 in the Step 2, Round 1 application. Appendices are available upon request.

Title Page

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 / Introduction

Chapter 2: / Regional Description (15.9 MB)

Chapter 3: ICWMP Plan Objectives

Chapter 4: Water Management Strategies & Integration

Chapter 5: Regional Priorities

Chapter 6: Implementation

Chapter 7: Impacts and Benefits

Chapter 8: Technical Analysis and Plan Performance

Chapter 9: Data Management

Chapter 10: Financing

Chapter 11: Statewide Priorities

Chapter 12: Relation to Local Planning

Chapter 13: Stakeholder Involvement

Chapter 14: Agency Coordination

Chapter 15: References