Get Involved

Get Involved

The Tomales Bay Watershed Council succeeds through the engagement, participation, dedication, and hard work of our members, staff and volunteers.  You can get involved in our stewardship mission by participating in our meetings, volunteering with us or with our partners, following our electronic newsletters, and by donations to support our ongoing work. Contact us for more ways to get involved, or follow the links below.

Donate Now – Support the Council’s ongoing work or Adopt Our Watershed program through a donation to the TBWCF.  The Tomales Bay Watershed Council Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization that supports the stewardship work of the Council and its partners.

Newsletter Signup – Sign up for our electronic newsletter to stay informed about Council activities and upcoming opportunities.

Volunteer –  Find opportunities to give your time and energy to a worthy cause, either with the Council or one of the many volunteer programs active in the watershed.

Tomales Bay

Photo by Richard Blair and Kathleen Goodwin