Chicken Ranch Beach

Chicken Ranch Beach Channel B flowing into 3rd Valley Creek © Neysa King

Chicken Ranch Beach Restoration Project

The Tomales Bay Watershed Council (TBWC) is leading an effort to restore a self-sustaining riparian and wetland ecosystem in the lower reaches of Third Valley Creek and at a popular county-owned beach on the shores of Tomales Bay, that is a favorite of locals and visitors alike.

Objectives of the proposed project include improving water quality conditions and enhancing wetland, riparian and aquatic habitats.  The restoration planning effort was managed by TBWC, with participation from the Coastal Conservancy, the County of Marin, private landowners and public stakeholders.

The “Restoration Feasibility and Conceptual Design Report for Third Valley Creek and Chicken Ranch Beach” is available in Library, here.  This report provides a site description, field assessment records, and project alternatives, including a preferred alternative.

At this time, this project, continues to be an implementation priority for the Council and community of West Marin due to persistent water quality exceedances of State standards for contact recreations (swimming and wading) in a drainage ditch that flows through the middle of the project area, draining private lands and then flowing onto the beach. (Photo at right is of the ditch, flowing across the beach to 3rd Valley Creek).

This project is proceeding slowly, and community and partner participation to encourage and work with the County of Marin and State Lands Commission has been successful in helping to advance our planning efforts.  Many thanks to our local stewards!